Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Ordered cone wrenches from Performance, since the make-do tools I'd always used on the old bike were not going to fit. Went cheap, with Spin Doctor wrenches, which arrived quickly. Unfortunately, they were too thick to fit on my cones, and also not of consistent thickness. The 16mm was thin enough to fit, but I needed the 13mm, which was too thick. Not very high quality. Sent them back and ordered the Park Tools set instead. And now I wait. About the only thing I can do in the meantime is to retape the handlebars. Pulled off the old tape last night, tried to remove as much adhesive goo as I could (from tape added underneath, and at points of unravelling on top), and will retape as the spirit moves me. Not one of my favorite tasks, since it seems like I never quite get it right without several tries.

Got Adventure Cycling maps for Northern Tier route through NY, just to see what they look like in an area I'm familiar with. Also ordered the Green Mountain Loop set, since part of it covers the NY side of Lake Champlain. I'm starting to look at that route breakdown again, and it now looks like an 8-day trip, with 40-50 miles per day, and a day off in the islands. Not gonna happen, though, unless I get off my butt and get on the trainer...


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