Friday, February 16, 2007

Maintenance, continued...

Tried without success to find some handlebar tape that would do better than what I have, especially since these bars seem to flare out wider a few inches from the stem. They're the standard 26mm at the stem, but are bigger than that elsewhere. That would explain the tape coming up short consistently. Enough on that - will live with it and retape as needed.

Park Tools cone wrenches arrived, and overhauling the front hub was a breeze. The whole process came back to me once I got started, having done that numerous times on other bikes. Got it back in the fork, tweaked a spoke or three for trueness, adjusted the brakes, and it's ready to roll. The rear hub presents a new problem. It's a freehub, as opposed to a freewheel, and I've never met one of those before. First problem is that the cassette has to come off to overhaul the hub, and I don't have the right tools - again. Considered taking it to a LBS, but decided instead to drop $20.00 for a set of tools consisting of a cassette lock ring remover, a chain whip, and a chain tool. Not a bad price, so I'll give it a rip and try to learn how to do this. So now I'm waiting again...


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