Friday, March 09, 2007

Almost done

Got the old bike mostly cleaned up, regreased, reassembled, and ready to ride. Did the rear hub and the bottom bracket, both of which were desperately in need of service. Cleaned freewheel as best I could, as well as chainrings and rear derailleur. The last thing to do is to put the right crank back on after it dries. Then it goes back on the trainer for some adjustments and a chain lube, and it'll be ready to go another couple of years. I really think I'll need to buy a couple of tires first, though. The ones it has on are either bald from the trainer, or have previously had flats or skids. Those are OK for the trainer, but not for the real world.

Sunday is looking like a mostly sunny day in the 40s, which will seem like spring after the past few weeks. With any luck, I'll get the old bike out for 10-15 miles on Sunday afternoon. The trainer is getting a little old, and I'm really getting the itch to be on the road again.


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