Monday, July 28, 2008

Grant Hill and More

FINALLY, a day with a predictable late afternoon rain threat and no morning commitments, so I started out on a 20-mile Grant Hill Road loop. When I got to the bridge over the Normanskill at the bottom of the climb, the bridge was closed and under repair. I talked to the guys, and they're just doing a temporary repair to the steel deck, so it's only closed for 3 days. It's over 50 years old, and needs a more major rehab, maybe in the fall. They let me walk the bike across, and I started the climb. This seemed pretty easy today, and I cruised down into French's Hollow, where the Normanskill was VERY high going over the dam. When I got to US20, I decided to extend the ride, and headed west to Dunnsville Road. Climbed up that to West Old State, then back to NY158 and County Line Road. This added about 6 miles to the usual 20, and it felt good.

I'll need to ride this route loaded once I get everything packed for the Vermont trip, now scheduled to begin on or about August 20.


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