Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Sticky SWC Ride

After an entire day of showers and drizzle, the skies miraculously cleared in time for tonight's SWC bike ride at Galway Lake. The skies were only marginally "clear", the humidity was near 100%, and the roads still damp as we set off on a proposed 18-22 mile ride. As it turned out, we got a slightly late start, people had flats and other equipment problems, and after splitting up several different ways, we all cut the ride short for one reason or another. Our group wound up doing slightly less than 16 miles, including several backtracks for missed turns due to poor maps, unmarked roads, and inattentive riders at the front of the pack. Not one of the better weekly rides in terms of logistics, but a good ride nonetheless, with lots of up and down and a few serious climbs.


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