Monday, June 02, 2008


Well, sort of. I did 25 miles out and back from Amsterdam to Canajoharie on the Canalway Trail, which is dead flat. The wind was gusting from the west (a headwind) between 20 and 30 mph, and riding on stone dust really knocks the speed down too, so it wasn't all that easy. The other thing about riding on the flats is that you don't get any ups and downs, no coasting down hills, no respite from pedaling, which is constant. So, it was 50 miles, but a different sort of 50 miles from your normal half-century. I did get almost 4 hours in the saddle, which was another good goal in itself.

I was hoping to have lunch at Peruzzi's Meat Market and Deli in Canajoharie, but since the flooding of several years ago, they no longer serve any sit-down food. The entire space is now filled with antiques, another side business. Oh well. Went next door to a stereotypical small-town coffee shop and had a sandwich instead. Met a couple there biking from Brooklyn to Rochester, on Day 4 of their trip and having lunch. Talked for a bit, and continued on my way, until I was stopped by the Chamber of Commerce lady at the booth on the corner. Saw me heading down the bike path, and wanted to know if I needed any information. Kind of a sad and lonely job, it appeared. We talked for a bit about small down decay, I signed her book, and was on my way.

Stopped at Karen's 15 miles later for an ice cream float, and caught up with another retiree I had met earlier at the parking area. He had gone to Sprakers and back to Karen's while I had gone to Canajoharie, had lunch and came back to Karen's. Compared notes some more on the joys of retirement, and then I left him behind. About 5 hours elapsed time back to the car, and I still felt pretty good.


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