Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Streak is at 5

Today's cold front came through without a drop of rain locally. So after a morning of spring planting and other yard work, I got out for an 18-mile spin. The temperature and humidity dropped dramatically this afternoon, but not so the wind. It switched around to the NW at 22 gusting to 30, which is a perfect day for a river loop. I struggled westbound, but I seem to be getting used to riding in the wind, and it isn't as annoying as maybe it used to be. On the return, I was cranking close to 20 mph all the way. Stopped at Adirondack Bicycle to pick up a helmet mirror, having broken yet another eyeglass one. The flexing of the crosspiece always seems to cause it to snap eventually, and its useful life isn't very long. Time for a change, though I've always used one of an eyeglass variety.

Five days of biking in a row, and I also just went over 700 miles for the season. Gotta love retirement!


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