Thursday, May 08, 2008


Today was very windy, gusting over 30mph from the west, but also unexpectedly sunny, warm, and dry. Since yesterday's ride left me only 8 miles short of 500 for the season, I just had to push it over the top, despite the wind. On days like today, I like to head west along the south side of the Mohawk, cross over at Lock 9, and return via NY5 on the north side. The ride out was a struggle, and the wind seemed like more of a crosswind when it gusted, so staying upright and straight was the main challenge. Coming back was a free ride, averaging well over 20mph as I sailed along.

The 17.4 miles put me at 509 for the season, a full month ahead of last year's pace, and well on the way to the year's goal of 2000 miles.


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