Thursday, April 24, 2008

That Other River Ride

Sunny and 70s today, but with a strong northwest wind. I didn't really feel like doing the obvious, heading west along the river first and then sailing home, since I seem to do that all too often. So I headed east, starting in Rexford, crossing the bridge, and riding down the north side of the river to the Waterford harbor on the Hudson. There are enough hills on this route to keep it interesting, and the scenery always includes the river. Had lunch on a bench at the wharf, then crossed over to Peebles Island, and came up through Cohoes to Fonda Road, picking up the bike path near US9. Heading west on the bike path was somewhat more sheltered, and the wind wasn't bad. About a 3-hour ride, including lunch, and another 35+ miles.


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