Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2 Rides Today

Holly needed to try her new bike on my rack, and I also picked up her lawn mower, so I drove all this to her house, installed her bike computer, adjusted a few things, and then we went for her inaugural ride on the new bike, about 9 miles. Aside from some swirling winds, it went pretty well. Then, since I was already dressed, had the bike on the car, and needed more than that ride, I parked at SCCC and did a 17-mile river loop. All of this was on the old 10-speed Gitane, whose seat I had adjusted after finding it loose and wobbly the last time out. Based on today's discomfort level, that Bontrager seat has just got to go. I'll be putting it back on the MTB for shorter around-town rides, and putting the old gel seat back on the Gitane, which will be a better fit for longer rides. 26 miles total for the day.


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