Monday, April 07, 2008

Tour de Clifton Park

The Taconic Hiking Club ride was rescheduled to today, and a very nice day it was. Temps at 10am were in the mid 40s, with a high expected in the mid-50s. It actually got well over 60 by mid-afternoon. It's hard to go into detail about this one, except to say that we went from Vischer Ferry/NY146A area to Ballston Lake, rode the bike path (illegally - it's closed for construction) to Round Lake, NY67 to Coons Crossing Road, then back via Ushers Road, Van Patten, Carlton, Kinns, and 146A.. We stopped at a Stewart's for lunch on Ushers Road, and talked a lot about the others' upcoming trip on the C&O Canal Towpath. They tried to talk me into it, and tempting though it was, the timing and short timeframe made it pretty unrealistic. Altogether, we biked about 27 miles, at a very casual pace with lots of stops to regroup. First real sunburn of the season!


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