Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Test Ride

Sunny and near 50 today, surprisingly, but with a miserable wind. Needed to get the Gitane out for a test ride after all the maintenance, so did the Kings/Old State/East Lydius loop, for 13.4 miles. Eastbound was great, with a 20-30 mph tailwind, but oh, the ride back! Rode in the drops in a low 40s gear all the way home. Fortunately, the drops on this bike put me lower down than the drops on the Trek (which I'll need to look into further), but it was still a struggle. The bike itself was smooth and quiet, and the only problem was that the uncomfortable Bontrager seat I'd swapped from the MTB (originally from the Trek) was not quite tight, and every bump I hit was changing the tilt angle. Once I got it right, it wasn't all that uncomfortable, so I tightened it when I got home, and hopefully next time will be better.


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