Monday, March 17, 2008

Another nice day

Today was sunny and cool - only about 40 - and a little breezy, but it's bike season, the roads are dry, and it's time to take advantage of days like this. I rode the 16-mile Kings/Old State/West Lydius loop again, since options from my driveway are somewhat limited. With a fairly strenuous hike coming up tomorrow, I decided NOT to challenge Grant Hill Road and that 20-mile trip today, though I was tempted, and need to do that soon.

The bike was almost flawless today, with the exception of the same minor tweak needed to the rear indexing. It's only off by a hair, and fixing it would require reconnecting the cable a little less tight to allow further adjustment, so I'm going to let it go for now. The chain problem is now gone, since I removed the offending link altogether. The shorter chain length won't matter, since I downsized the chainrings last year, and the chain probably should have been shortened anyway.

Touched up some paint on the Gitane yesterday, and replaced both brake cables today, so I'm slowly picking away at it. Next I need to replace both derailleur cables, retape the handlebars, and clean it up a bit. That will be good enough for this year.


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