Monday, October 29, 2007

Any excuse for a ride

On Friday, since it was my day off, the weather was nice, and S.O. was riding with her usual group of seniors, I joined them for a ride from SCCC out to the railroad dead end and back on the bike path. Except that I rode to SCCC from home first. And then I left them, rode out NY5S to Lock 9, and came back through Scotia. And then rode home through downtown. I stretched a 15-mile ride to 23 miles with this extra effort, and didn't use the car to do it, which was kinda cool. Temps were in the low 40s, so it was cool enough for wind-stopper fleece gloves for the first half of the ride. Not sure how many more rides will be possible, except on weekends and days off, since DST is about to go away, and it will be dark VERY early after next weekend. The goal is now 1,600 miles, and I only need another 42 to get there.


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