Thursday, October 11, 2007

Winding down

No biking last weekend. Went hiking on Saturday, and the rest of the weekend was less than ideal weatherwise.

Replaced the rear tube of the old trainer bike - the flange around the valve was too big, and wasn't allowing the tire to seat all the way. I still have a minor bulge there, but at least now it's rideable. Doing about 20 minutes a day in the early morning, with a couple of sprints thrown in. Feels good to be doing SOMETHING.

The new seatpost arrived, and I put it on the old junker MTB. Adjusted the handlebars and seat as far as I can, and it's ready for action. Dropped a letter at the post office by bike at lunch today, and it wasn't a bad ride. Little concerned about the brakes, and that would be the next item to address, if anything. Now I just have to start using it for all those little short runs for milk and other small errands. It will live in the garage instead of the basement as encouragement to do just that.


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