Thursday, July 19, 2007

Feeling strong

Tonight's SWC ride was the Grant Hill loop that I've done a couple of times already this year on the touring bike, 18 miles with some good climbing in the middle. Because the old bike was in the garage and ready to ride after Tuesday's commute, and because there was a pretty good chance of rain sometime this evening, I went with the old 10-speed, knowing I'd be doing some climbing with those not-so-low gears.

Well, aside from a couple of front shifting problems, it was a pleasure and a piece of cake. I not only kept up on the flats, but pulled ahead on the climbs. And I added a short segment of my own to the end of the ride where I was steadily hammering near 20 mph for a mile or two. On the old steel 10-speed. This put me at 916 miles already for the year, with the Tour de Champlain coming up next week, and all the climbing that that will entail. I gotta say, I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be. The piece de resistance would be to squeeze in a climb up Crawford Road sometime before I go, but time is definitely limited and I don't know if that will happen. If not, then definitely when I get back. And this could also be another good year for a century attempt, either full or metric. Feeling good!


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