Saturday, June 30, 2007

SWC Ride

Thursday evening's ride was a hilly (rolling) 18+miles in the hills east of Saratoga Lake. There were a couple of short challenging climbs thrown in, but only one of any consequence, up Chapman Hill Road. It was probably about 3/10 mile, and steep, but I took it with one shift to spare. Since we started on TOP of the ridge, we also had to climb back up there when we were finished, but that was nothing after some of the other climbs. The bike performed flawlessly, and was especially quiet, since I had just lubed the chain. Good ride, and a strong ride.

Went for a run yesterday after work, and was really worn out last night, so took today off. Planning for a 35-mile, 2400-foot climbing day tomorrow, in the hills between Canajoharie and Cherry Valley. This ride includes part of what I'd been hoping to do on last year's ill-fated tour, and I'm looking forward to seeing it for real instead of just on paper and in 3D mapping software.


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