Sunday, June 03, 2007

Grant Hill Road

Had a hard time getting inspired this morning, since outdoors looked and felt like a steambath. Originally, I thought I might do a 30-35 mile river loop, to Amsterdam and back, and just take it easy. But there was this "Rexford Ramble" organized historical tour at 1:00, and I wanted to be back for that, if the forecast deluge hadn't arrived yet. So, I settled for a 21-mile loop from home, out Kings to Old State, cross Western Ave at Willow via Siver, up Grant Hill, and home via French's Hollow and Fuller Station Road. Grant Hill Road itself is only about a 0.4-mile climb, but then there were additional ups and downs the rest of the way. Anyway, the climb seemed MUCH easier this time than the last time I did it, back in late April. Made it home before the rain, but it appeared to be imminent, so I called it a day and skipped the Ramble. No commuting this week, with really sucky weather predicted for MTW. SWC ride on Thursday evening.


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