Monday, May 21, 2007

Holiday Break

Rode a hard 17 miles last Thursday with SWC, into a relentless cold north wind. 6 miles north, 2 west, 6 south, and wandered a bit to get 17. As always, regardless of the direction of travel, the wind was always a headwind. Wore me out. The weekend weather sucked, but I got in a run on Sunday, again into the wind. Biked to work today with a nice tailwind in the morning, with promises of calmer conditions later. NOT. 15 mph NW headwind all the way home. And that may be all for awhile. Off to Ohio for a graduation over Memorial Day, and not returning until the middle of next week. Need a couple of long evenings at home to tie up loose ends and get ready to go, so no more commutes this week. Next ride will likely be another SWC affair on Thursday, May 31.


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