Monday, April 23, 2007

Ride, ride, ride!

Finished up some yard work on Sunday, then got out for a ride. Wanted to climb Grant Hill Road in Guilderland, not a big climb, but a good test of early season fitness. It was about in the middle of a 20-mile ride, with some other hills thrown in, a real change from a lot of riverside riding like I did last year. The gears seem good, and shift smoothly between front chainrings, despite the mix-and-match approach. A good day, leaving me ready for more.

Biked to work today, for the first time this season. Early morning temps around low 50s, and traffic seemed light. I still seem to have a front shifting issue on the Gitane, where the chain winds up between rings on a downshift. One time I had to stop and disengage things, and another time, I was able to detour down a side street, and shift up/down again without getting greasy. Need to check the inward travel on that front derailleur, and remember to shift with *zero* force on the chain - that seems to make a difference. The ride home was hot, dry, and windy, but not as bad as I had anticipated. Tomorrow is expected to be in the mid-60s for highs, and no rain, so I'm planning to do it again, about 32 miles R/T.


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