Friday, April 20, 2007

Finally, Spring!!

After a really miserable late March and early April, with late-season snowfall, torrential rains, flooding, and temps not getting out of the 40s, spring has finally arrived. Over 70 degrees today and brilliant sunshine, and I was stuck in the (home) office. At 4:00, I got out of here and took the overhauled Trek out for a test drive, the first since I got it all back together. Everything seems pretty good, aside from slightly soft front brakes and a faint tick-tick-tick from the front end that I can't seem to hear unless I'm actually riding somewhere very quiet. No idea. The gearing seems like it will work out better than the larger rings I had on before. 14.5 miles at a 15.2 pace, with some winds both ways (?), so not a bad start. Hopefully, I can get some more miles in this weekend, and maybe even ride to work on Monday. Tues/Wed look a little sketchy right now, but it's definitely time to get started!


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