Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another commute

Today promised to be more comfortable, with seasonable temperatures and winds diminishing by afternoon. The tailwind was nice in the morning, as I cut 5 minutes off yesterday's time. Unfortunately, that wind never diminished as advertised. Going home, I was headed WNW into a WNW wind that was consistently 15-20 mph, and the temp was about 60ish. Kinda cool with that wind for a t-shirt and shorts, and it was good to get home and into a warm house. I was on the small front ring most of the way home, averaging only about 13mph for the return trip. Tomorrow is supposed to be only in the mid-30s in the morning, and not getting much above 60, but with lighter winds. I think I'm going to skip it. I've got the routine down pat now, and as better opportunities arise in the weeks to come, it will be easy enough to get going again. Time for a rest day.


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