Friday, May 11, 2007

Another 100-mile week

Went to Adirondack Bicycle last evening, held up my broken derailleur spring, and asked, "Got any more of these?" Bill said, "Suntour, right?", and went into his parts cabinet and sold me two at $0.79 each. Great shop, great knowledge, and wonderful service. Described my front Sugino chainring spacing problem, and he said to look at the small chainring, and see if the teeth were offset from center to one side. If so, I might have it on backwards. BINGO! More great advice, and dead on once again. And he never calls me "dude" when I walk in either.

Installed the new spring last night, reversed the small chainring, and today replaced the rear tube and reseated the tire. Seems the flange around the valve stem on that tube was a little too bulky for my rims, preventing the tire bead from fully seating in that area. Different tube solved the problem.

Out for a test ride today on that old bike, 16 miles at a 15.9 pace, and everything seems good. Just need to readjust the inward travel on the front derailleur after reversing the inner ring, but otherwise, I'm ready to roll to work again on Monday.


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