Sunday, May 13, 2007

First hill of many

Cool and breezy today, so instead of fighting a headwind on a long haul, I decided it was time for a serious hill. Went up Rector Road from NY 5, about a 2-mile fairly steep climb, to Ridge Road, then continued up Ridge to the top of Washout Rd. From there it was a long 3-4 mile twisting downhill back to the river, a 19-mile ride from the usual parking place in Rotterdam.

It would have been easier if I had had my lowest gear, but the indexing or derailleur adjustment seems to be off, and it kept jumping out. Need to get that fixed toute suite. And mentally, I need to build up to longer climbs, because this one got a little discouraging after awhile, and it wasn't that long. About then, the grade eased somewhat, and I kept going and all was well.

Hope to ride into work tomorrow, the only chance for this week. Tuesday looks like rain, and Wednesday is the local Ride of Silence soon after I arrive home by car.


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