Monday, June 25, 2007

A Longer Ride

Felt like I "needed" to get in a ride yesterday, and it "needed" to be either a longish one with some big hills or a longish one with no hills. Kept telling myself I "should" ride some hills, but finally realized that wasn't what I really wanted to do. After a lot of internal tussling with no apparent progress, I finally decided to just get out and get going, doing a river ride of 40-something miles to Schoharie Crossing and back. Strong headwinds as I set out westbound on NY 5, so it was a good workout despite the relative flatness. Couple of good hills and rollers thrown in, along with the wind, but no granny gear needed all day. Crossed the river at Lock 12, extended a mile or two westbound to Auriesville for a strawberry milk shake, and returned via the bike path and NY 5S. 46 miles, 14.1 pace overall. About 3.5 hours on the road, which was the longest of the year, with no hint of leg cramps this time, so that's good. Saddle mostly comfortable, but eventually required frequent stand-ups so the nether regions could breathe and get some pressure relief.

Couple of HOT days coming up, but expected to be dry, so I'll be commuting by bike both today and tomorrow, with temps at or above 90 in the afternoons.


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