Friday, June 22, 2007

A couple more rides

Got in my seventh commute of the spring on Monday. This seems to get easier every time. I have the night-before preparation routine down pat and can easily get up and out of here in the morning. The ride itself has become very familiar, and I know what to expect and how to handle the numerous "gauntlets" I need to run in both directions. I stopped and talked to an old man who is always jogging on Washington Ave. Extension when I go by. He's 87 years old, and is still out jogging (actually, shuffling) at 6:30 every morning. We'd always waved at each other before, but I just felt the need to stop and say hello. Cool. Tuesday and Wednesday had questionable weather, so I skipped those days.

Thursday evening's SWC ride was the Florida/Bull's Head/Thayer/160 loop from Kiwanis Park, about 19 miles. The first half is a long climb, and the second is a screaming downhill. Overshot my small ring on a downshift on the way up the hill, and the chain got caught under the N-Gear Jumpstop, and I had a hell of a time getting it out, bending the thing in the process. Otherwise, aside from the threatening skies that never followed through, it was a good ride. This climb seemed much easier than the last time I did it, earlier this spring or last fall. Hit 40 mph coming back down, and held back on other parts of that hill. Have hit 45 before, but not comfortable with it last night. Jumpstop is now fixed, and I hope to get out for some more miles this weekend.


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