Monday, September 17, 2007

River ride

I was feeling the need to get out and do SOMETHING yesterday, and it was a nice day for a ride. Didn't much feel like tackling any climbs, so decided on a ride up and down the river, either 15 or 32 miles, depending how things felt when I got out there. Motivation seems hard to come by these days, having accomplished my big goals for the year, and with only some scattered weekend time available for riding. The only goal left is to hit 1500 miles for the season, and I'm well within reach of that one as well.

Left SCCC and headed up the bike path, and when I got to NY103 and the 15-mile turnaround point, I forced myself to continue on, despite the temptation to cut it short. There was a slight headwind on 5S, but not bad riding. When I got close to Amsterdam, I started wondering if my seat wasn't high enough. I wasn't getting as much leg extension as I'd like, and my legs actually felt a little confined in the size of the circles they were doing. Stopped and raised it a bit, and kept going. Still not enough. Stopped again and raised it some more. Better. Crossed the river on NY30, and headed back eastbound. It was hard to tell how much of it was due to the tailwind and how much to the fuller leg extension, but I was really moving along on the return trip. Overall, I covered 32 miles at a 15.8 pace, so that was pretty quick for not having been riding much.

Still not sure the seat is quite as high as it needs to be, so will try this again soon, adjusting as I go. Hard to believe I've had it in that too-low position for most of 2 seasons now. I have to wonder how much that may have had to do with some of the cramping problems, too...


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