Sunday, September 02, 2007


I've been home from Orlando for 2 weeks now, and off the bike, more or less, for that same amount of time. Commuting seems to be about over for the season, with morning daylight getting a little short. I could probably still do it, but motivation also seems to be lacking, so haven't biked in again at all. In fairness, the first week back wasn't very good weatherwise either, so that was also a factor. Did one short 8.4-mile ride in Burnt Hills to play mini-golf, and it felt good to be out, but weekend time is getting a little scarce with other things going on.

Next weekend is MHCC Century Weekend, with choices each day of 25, 50, 62, and 100-mile rides. I'm going to do something, but haven't yet decided which or when. I've put on a lot of miles this year, and that's in my favor, as are the numerous hills I included in those miles. But I haven't done very many long rides, meaning 50+ miles, so that could kill me if I try to do the 100. It will either be the 62 (metric century) or the 100, but a lot will depend on the weather and my energy level as the time approaches. In either case, nutrition will be crucial, and LOTS of calories will be required throughout the day, in addition to watching the salt intake as I have been. More later as I decide what to do.


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