Thursday, March 06, 2008

Short ride between monsoons

Today was sunny and in the mid-40s, and after two days of heavy rain and snowmelt, the roads were not in bad shape. So, I got out the mountain bike and did a leisurely meandering 6+ mile loop through Coldbrook to Stewart's and back to get some milk. I didn't want to use the Trek, since it's now all cleaned up and ready for spring, and the Gitane is currently in pieces awaiting the same process. I added a seatpost rack to the MTB so I can now use it for local errands like this, and the rack also somewhat deflects the water spray from the rear wheel. That was a good thing today, because there were LOTS of puddles and running water. It just felt good to be out riding again, and I may do some more tomorrow, before another big rain on Saturday.


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