Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Biking vs. Skiing

I think I've had enough XC skiing. I'm ready for biking season. Today was in the mid-30s and sunny, and I passed up an opportunity for some good skiing to get out the bike instead. That about says it all.

Took out the Trek 520 for the first time since I finished its winter maintenance. Noticed a few minor indexing adjustments that might be needed, but otherwise, everything seemed very smooth and quiet. At least for the first 8 miles or so. Then I started hearing a clunk every few pedal revolutions. It had to be one of two things - either I needed to snug the right crank on tighter, since I'd had it off; or the chain link that I had trouble with when breaking it for cleaning wasn't back together quite right. Those were the only two areas where I had done anything that could have possibly caused it. The noise was still there after tightening the crank, so I just continued home, doing a total of 16.1 miles on the Kings/Old State/West Lydius loop. It felt good, and the difference between this bike and the old MTB I'd been riding was extremely obvious.

After I got home, I put the bike on the trainer and reproduced the noise. It's a bad chain link alright. The one I separated and reattached is not quite straight, and the inner surface and rivet ride up on the rear sprocket when under load, causing the periodic clunk. I'll try to straighten it, but may need to spring for a new chain.


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