Sunday, April 06, 2008

River Ride

Looks like finally we'll get several spring-like days in a row. Today was mostly sunny and in the lower 50s, and there are several more to come. I'm planning to bike with Taconic Hiking Club on Tuesday, so today I wanted to get out for a long-ish ride. What kept coming to mind was the 32-mile loop to Amsterdam and back, going out NY5S, crossing the river, and returning via NY5. Heading westbound to Amsterdam was a breeze, but coming back, the easterly breeze was a headwind, and was more of a problem. I think it was gusting close to 20mph, so that knocked down my speed considerably. Hand numbness continues to be an issue, and I'm not yet molded to the saddle for the season, but these will hopefully improve with time and miles.


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