Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tour de Clifton Park - Part Deux

Some Taconic Hiking Club friends were getting together for what would ostensibly be a 30+ mile ride today, similar to the one we did a month ago but longer. Sunny, 70ish, and very little wind. Despite my earlier negative comment about biking with a group, this ride seems to be different and was a good time. We stopped at Lakeside Farms for lunch (great sandwich!), but then cut the ride short because of a couple of people being out for their first ride of the year. I still got in about 24 miles, and at a very casual pace. Maybe that made the difference. I had considered biking the 11 miles from home to the start, and also back again, for a planned 50+ ride, but changed my mind and drove instead. Given the 24-mile total, I kinda wish I hadn't. I need to start getting in some longer miles.


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