Friday, May 23, 2008

Warm Showers List

After 2+ years of offering my home on the Warm Showers List, I got my first request last evening. A couple of guys from New Hampshire were passing through Schenectady on their way to Oregon, and needed a place to stay. Unfortunately, their email was delayed 2 hours by unknown (ISP) circumstances, and by the time we connected, they'd already checked into a motel, albeit not a very good choice. I met them for dinner anyway, and we had a nice chat about bike touring and their trip. I answered what questions I could about routes, camping, and local knowledge, and dropped them back at their motel. I also got to see their Asus eeePC, which I've long been considering purchasing. It looks like the perfect touring laptop. They're maintaining a trip journal with it here:

East to West tour New Hampshire to Oregon


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