Thursday, June 05, 2008

SWC Thursday Night Beer/Pizza Ride

Today was warm and humid, but by this evening, things had cooled a bit, and a breeze had come up. For the SWC ride, I had a choice of 15 or 21 miles. Given how much I've been riding, I went for the 21. Tonight was the first time all year that I felt like I pushed it a little, aside from an earlier SWC ride when I was tired and didn't enjoy it at all. The pace was quick, and there were several times when I needed to step it up a notch, and it came almost effortlessly. Hills were easy, as always, compared to the rest of the group, and I even sprinted a couple of times to get back with the group after I stopped for a drink while they kept rolling. But there was no pain, no fatigue, and the recovery was almost immediate. A good ride, even if not exactly my usual style.


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