Sunday, January 13, 2008

More January Miles

Another relatively warm (40-ish) dry calm day, and nowhere left to ski, so another bike ride seemed in order. Roads are still bare and dry, though that will change overnight tonight. Did the King's/Old State loop, this time going across NY146 and hooking up with western Lydius St back to 146. Total was a little over 16 miles. 3-6" of snow expected tonight, and more later in the week, followed by some serious cold, so that may be it for awhile as far as biking is concerned.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

First Miles of 2008

After a pretty substantial thaw, and with dry roads and temps in the 40s, I just couldn't resist. I haven't done any winter maintenance/cleanup yet, so didn't really care about any crud I might encounter. Did the King's/Old State/Lydius loop for a little under 14 miles, then made a quick trip to the post office for a total of 14.5. The legs were a little rusty, as was the butt, but it was good to get out. Lots more weather coming in for the near future, so needed to seize the day!