Monday, November 26, 2007

Return to Indian Ladder Farms

Yesterday was a gorgeous clear 40s windless November day, so I needed an excuse for a ride. I didn't want just a "loop for the sake of a loop" - I wanted a destination. I remembered the lunch menu at Indian Ladder Farms, from the "Tour de Roundabouts" a few weeks ago, and decided to head out there for lunch. We'd been too big a group for the available seating on that trip, so had just grabbed some cider donuts and gathered outside, though there were some really interesting looking things on their menu. Plotting the route in Topo USA, it looked like about 27 miles round trip, and easily doable. Went down through French's Hollow, up Ostrander and down to Voorheesville, then out to Indian Ladder. Had a great sandwich, and enjoyed the live entertainment by a fellow MHCC member. Coming home, I went via Meadowdale and then cut over to NY158, just for variety. Somewhere around 23 miles, on County Line Rd, my legs had had about enough, but a quick stand-up break and a drink got me going again. It was a good ride, and certain to be repeated. Cold is not an issue, as I've figured out a good layering scheme that works, so I can keep doing this until the roads get to be a mess.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

3 days, 2 rides, 65 miles

... and I've now added more miles in November than I did in October. Weird.

On Friday, I had some free time, and it was sunny and 40ish, so I did a river loop from home, including the bike path dead-end in Rotterdam junction. I was amazed at how little clothing I needed once I got going and warmed up. Polypro and a light zip turtleneck on top, polypro and wind pants on the legs, and a polypro balaclava under the helmet, and I was toasty. The windblocker fleece gloves are working extremely well, and there's just no reason to NOT keep riding until the roads get to be a mess. 23 easy and pleasant miles.

On Sunday, the Albany Bicycle Coalition was having a "Tour de Roundabouts", and learning how to ride through some new roundabouts in the Bethlehem/Delmar area. There would also be a stop at Indian Ladder Farms in Voorheesville for cider and donuts. The ride was meeting in Albany's Washington Park at 1130. I saw no point in DRIVING from Schenectady to Albany, biking from Albany to Voorheesville to Albany, and then driving home. So I biked to Albany, biked the roundabouts and biked to Indian Ladder with the group, and then biked home. This was about 42 miles, and I had my doubts before doing it, but the 4 donuts and large glass of cider got me home just fine. Good ride, and a good education, for both ourselves and some local drivers who had to treat us as vehicles in the roundabouts.