Monday, November 24, 2008

Last Ride?

After being off the bike for over 3 weeks, I decided I needed to finish off the last 8 miles to put me over 2,200 for the season. It's a stupid arbitrary number, but I just couldn't let it stand at 2,192.

Today was a breezy cold November day in the upper 30s, so I dressed for it and headed for the bike path. I only intended to do the usual 14+-mile river loop, from SCCC to Lock 9 and back. And that's what I did. My hands were cold to begin with, but warmed up after 5-6 miles. I should have worn the silk liners inside the windproof fleece gloves. By the time I finished, my feet were getting a little cool, which I could have prevented with plastic bags over the socks. That worked great last year.

The rest of this week is sloppy, wet, and maybe snowy, so I may well be done for the year, aside from some local MTB jaunts just to get out.