Wednesday, August 06, 2008

B & B for a Day

I hosted this couple last evening, after they called me looking for accommodations from the Warm Showers List. I've been listed there for a couple of years now, and these were my first actual guests. They were biking from Oregon to their home in Connecticut, and were passing through Schenectady at the end of a 95-mile day. It was a very interesting visit, and it was fun hearing about their trip and their various other travels. I hope all future contacts turn out as well as this one did.

This afternoon, the weather turned out better than predicted, so I got out for a 21-mile ride up and down the river. I also did a little more packing for my Vermont trip, and am now even more psyched about that trip after hearing all the tales from the road last night. I'll be starting on August 20, and the trip journal will be here.


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