Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Longer River Loop

With the weather looking questionable for tonight's SWC ride, I decided I needed to spend some time in the saddle and make up for several weeks' lost time. Not wanting to completely toast myself in case tonight's ride did come off, I opted for the 33-mile ride to Amsterdam and back along NY5S and NY5. There was a strong westerly breeze as I headed toward Amsterdam from SCCC, but not so bad that it was a struggle. Once near Amsterdam, I decided to ride up NY5S to the junction with NY30, instead of taking the root-riddled bike path that parallels it. The climb wasn't bad, and I discovered a convenience store, motel, laundromat, and RESTROOMS. Bought a Pop-Tart for breakfast, used the facilities, and crossed the river on 30 into Amsterdam. The ride back on NY5 was uneventful and quick, with a good tailwind. Soon after I got home, the first of the day's showers arrived. We'll see about tonight...


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