Friday, August 15, 2008

River Loop, With a Twist

This afternoon's weather turned out better than expected, so I headed for the bike path to get in a quick flat 15 along the river. As I was heading westbound from SCCC, I realized I had a substantial tailwind, meaning a headwind on boring NY5 on the return. In a flash of brilliance, I decided to take the headwind out of play by climbing Rector Road to Ridge Road, and find my way back down through Scotia somehow. Rector starts out at over a 9% grade for the first .6 miles, and goes a total of 1.6 to Ridge, all of it uphill, so it's a good climb. Came down Closson to NY147 to Snake Hill to Spring, and back down to NY147, turning left on Vley, and ending up near Jumping Jacks, just before the bridge. It was a nice variation on a very common ride.


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